About HMO Mortgages

The HMO Property requirements

A HMO property is a dwelling shared by more than 3 unrelated tenants, who share the same amenities. But, they do not necessarily require licensing.

HMO License – these properties are HMO licensed depending on the number of tenants and the local councils policy. Councils who have adopted ‘Article 4′ will typically require a HMO license for more than 3 tenants.

In my experience the council will have the following policy;

  • 1. More than 3 unrelated tenants.
  • 2. Any number of tenants over 2 floors.
  • 3. More than 3 unrelated tenants over 3 floors or more.

Phone the council, ask for their housing department, describe the property use and they will tell you over the phone whether the property requires licensing.

HMO Planning – Properties with more than 6 tenants typically require a change of use to C4. Again, phone the council and ask to speak with their Planning department who and discuss the property use and they will confirm whether planning application is required.